A Conversation With National Timeshare Owners Association CEO Greg Crist

By AVOEditor | June 26th, 2017 | NTOA News

Timeshare owners have no more ardent advocate than Greg Crist, CEO of the National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA)—if their claim is legitimate. Greg’s even-handed approach, acting as an “honest broker” trying to facilitate an equitable solution, has earned him credibility with both consumers and developers. If he doesn’t think a complaint is valid, he won’t […]

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FTC Returns Money to Victims of Timeshare Resale Scam

By AVOEditor | June 23rd, 2017 | Timeshare News

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 338 checks totaling more than $319,000 to people who lost money to Information Management Forum Inc., which also did business as Vacation Property Marketing, and its owner, Edward Lee Windsor. The defendants lured consumers into paying “registration fees” for their services by making unsolicited telemarketing calls to timeshare owners and […]

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