AVO and RTX Go Live on Facebook on #InternationalAskAQuestionDay

There was even more useful information shared and questions answered by representatives at both RTX and the Association of Vacation Owners about how to find the best vacation options for your family, how to stay educated about your ownership, the flexibility and freedom of exchange, and much more! #InternationalAskAQuestionDay

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AVO and RTX Go Live on Facebook on #NationalBeHeardDay

Let’s call it a conversation. We’ve called them webinars, but that’s too formal and not really accurate. Today we hosted RTX Inventory Manager Beth Arlington, Team Lead Ed Robertson, and Director of Resort Partnerships Corina Violette in a casual round table discussion aimed to inform and educate members. They were joined by Gregory and Christy Crist from the Association of Vacation Owners (AVO.)

If you missed the broadcast on RTX’s Facebook page, please click here to see an archive on the RTX Youtube page.

The conversation was on National Be Heard Day, a consumer advocate day designed to jump start conversations on consumer education. The RTX team educated members on how to find the best vacation options for their families, how to stay educated about their ownership, the flexibility and freedom of exchange, and more.

Join the RTX team again next week for another Facebook live conversation on International Ask A Question Day, March 14, where they will answer questions posted during today’s event. Have an RTX question about your membership? Comment on Facebook or the RTX Youtube page, and we’ll answer it. You can also hit us up on the RTX Twitter page.

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NTOA to Become the Association of Vacation Owners (AVO)

After serving the vacation ownership community as the National Timeshare Owners Association for more than twenty years, the organization today announced its new name: The Association of Vacation Owners (AVO) and its expanded membership services. The new name and logo reflects AVO’s broadened mission and purpose in addition to expanded support to a wider segment of vacation owners throughout North America.

“We are very pleased to expand our alliances to include credible organizations that share our vision to improve education, engagement and support for timeshare and vacation owners” said Gregory Crist, CEO.

The membership based organization is now seeking industry partners who will commit to the AVO Service Pledge and will vow to relentlessly advocate for improvements in communication, protection, and preservation of vacation ownership.

“AVO is also attracting thousands of vacation owners by continuing its twenty-year history of dedication and focus on providing owners with the tools and information they need to strengthen their ownership experience”, continued Crist.

The organization is committed to these efforts along with finding solutions to tough industry challenges like the secondary market. Working together on behalf of owners strengthens and supports the relationships between the vacation owner community and industry.

About the AVO

Originally formed in 1997 as the National Timeshare Owners Association. The AVO is a social purpose organization dedicated to educating vacation owners and advocating on behalf of its owner/members. AVO participates in major industry conferences, is involved in the leadership of the Canadian Vacation Ownership Association (CVOA) and is a consumer member of various industry trade associations including: ARDA, AMDETUR, ASUDESTICO, and C.A.R.E. To learn more, visit our website at AVOworldwide.com or email: info@AVOworldwide.com | Toll Free: (833) 2ASK-AVO

Let Your Consumer Voice Ring Through a Special RTX Webinar on National Be Heard Day

National Consumer Protection Week is March 4-10 this year. RTX Travel is celebrating with a special webinar, social media shout outs, timeshare industry guest commentary and blog posts all about consumer rights, as well as some talk about fun travel inspiration in today’s digital world. RTX Travel is always in your corner when it comes to consumer protection, and a big part of that is education, so let’s get educated.


Playacar Palace Unveils Complete Transformation

Playacar Palace first opened their doors in December of 2005 and has had one previous phase of renovations before this one. The most recent renovations brought the resort up to its highest possible luxury standards with upgraded guest rooms, lobby, front desk, restaurants, and lounge areas. The new interiors blend both contemporary and classic elements for a truly timeless finish.

The guest suites feature new decor, modern furnishings, enhanced bathrooms features, top-of-the-line coffee makers, and enhanced jets in the double whirlpool tubs. Units now offer a private terrace to add to the romantic ambience.

Palace Resorts works to stay ahead of the technology innovations, Playacar Palace guests can now utilize new wristbands giving them access to their room with a wave of the hand. There’s also a new Palace Resorts app that also lets them enter their room.

“As a brand, we are always looking to reinvent ourselves and elevate each part of any guests experience. It’s not only about being better but also about offering our guests a completely unique experience, while offering the highest quality of standards,” said Gibran Chapur, Executive Vice President of Palace Resorts. “The renovations to Playacar Palace are only one of the many ways, our brand continues to evolve and stay ahead of the most demanded trendy in the luxury all-inclusive We are proud to open our doors to the newly-revamped Playacar Palace.”

Playacar Palace has also updated the look and flavors of their on-site dining options including the property’s main restaurant, Café del Mar. The on-site Italian restaurant previously known as Terraza is now reopening at Bocelli, with a new style and menu that includes fresh pasta made in-house.

Palace Resorts is a leader in the luxury all-inclusive resort offerings, showing its dedication by continually improving the dining experience by partnering with top brands like Certified Angus Beef® and hiring “Star Chefs.”

Guests who book a five night stay or more at Playacar Palace are able to take advantage of the current promotion: $1,500 Resort Credit to use on spa and beauty salon treatments, golf outings, romantic dinners, wedding packages, and off-site excursions and tours.

Learn more about Playacar Palace by visiting their website.

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