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Member & Owner Support 
AVO's Owner Support Desk is proud to offer an independent resource and referral program to all vacation owners in North America free of charge. 

Toll-free ASK AVO Hotline:

833-2ASK-AVO (227-5286)
Monday through Friday.
Verify Providers
We will be happy to assist in verifying the legitimacy of a company that you want to hire or do business with. We will show you how to investigate service providers before you use them.
Report Issues
Do you feel you have been victimized or taken advantage of by a company or individual? Learn how to report them which could help save a fellow timeshare owner from the same experience.
Get Assistance
Need help understanding how to sell or transfer your timeshare to a family member, or how an exchange company works? We will help you understand processes and functions related to your ownership.
Need help understanding how your resort board functions? What is the max amount your maintenance fees can increase per year? What are the main differences between the exchange companies? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

We vow to relentlessly advocate for improvements – from protection and preservation to expansion and enrichment – to the vacation ownership experience. Our commitment to these efforts will continuously strengthen and support the relationships between the vacation-owner community and the industry at large, ensuring the viability of vacation ownership for generations to come.

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