It’s Great To Have One Common Goal!

On June 12th, 2015

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Timeshare News

Guest Column By:
Howard Nusbaum, CEO
American Resort Development Association

Organizational development guru Ken Blanchard has said,

“In the past, a leader was a boss. Today’s leaders must be partners with their people…. They no longer can lead solely based on positional power. “

Blanchard is spot-on, and in the world of advocacy, it could not be truer. We need one another to meet our goals – and then achieve even more.

Both Greg Crist and I share an important philosophy: “If an opportunity is good for timeshare owners, then it is our collective job to work to execute a way for that to happen. If an initiative or law is bad for timeshare consumers and their HOAs (even as an unintended consequence of a well-intended action), then it is our collective job to educate those who are driving the initiative and do what we can to stop it.”

Both ARDA-ROC and the NTOA are ready to partner in this work, for the good of vacation ownership overall.

Here at ARDA, we’ve always been pleased with the relationship between ARDA/ARDA-ROC and the NTOA. The last few months in particular have shown the degree of our partnership, as NTOA met with legislators in support of good resale and transfer legislation, maintaining the ability of HOAs and timeshare owners to legitimately resell and recycle inventory.

ARDA has worked hard to open doors to new relationships for the NTOA by introducing Greg to key developers, resort management leaders, and key stakeholders who had not yet had the chance to work with the NTOA.

The recession has wound down, and the timeshare industry is once again in growth mode and seeing robust sales; however, we have a collective responsibility to help those resorts and owners who may not yet be enjoying the fruits of new growth. “We must work together with law enforcement to stop scams and fraud as well as collaborate with sold-out resorts to create tools for overall success.”

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