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On May 30th, 2016

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How many times do we hear, “I’ve spent hours on the internet searching for information about time shares and then trying to find the very best deal. I’m tired! I’m beat! I’m confused!” We know what you’re going through. It’s like going car-shopping.

So much to pick from. So many dealers. So much negotiation. So much time! Well, we can’t help you with your car but we can sure help you with your timeshare. We can take the pain out of finding just the right timeshare for you and then back it up with a one year Satisfaction Guarantee. How?

You see, we’ve been doing this stuff for 30 years now. We know the industry inside and out. We know which time shares are good, and which are not so good. We can get a very good feeling for which time share fits the right person (trust me, it’s very easy to buy the wrong time share! Whether you’re brand new to this or an “old pro”!). There’s just a ton of different time shares out there with so many combinations of usage it truly can be overwhelming. So here’s how we can help you.

First, ask questions. Don’t be afraid that you’ll sound stupid and not knowledgeable. That’s what we’re here for. You need to have a feel for what you’re doing and you’ll find out quickly there’s really no rocket science with time shares; you just need to know a few basics so you know which way to head. You can email us or call us, your choice. If you call, we promise you won’t get sucked into a sales spiel. We don’t do that. But you really should call as opposed to email because we can both ask questions back and forth to get a better feel for which direction is best for you. It’s much faster and a better way to be sure of which way we’re heading.

Now, you may need help with recommendations. Or not. Some folks know exactly what they want. But they end up spending hours upon hours on the internet trying to find it. There’s no need for that. Let us help. Tell us what you want as specifically as possible. We have a way to track it down for you within 24 hours. You won’t have to lift a finger or spend hours staring at a computer screen. When we find it, we guarantee it will not cost you a penny more than if you’d found it on your own, spending hours of your time doing so.
And, we guarantee that everything will be handled through professional licensed real estate brokers (ourselves included) and the closing will be through a title agency who will verify all data and ensure a free and clear title. Then, we back up everything with our exclusive one year Satisfaction Guarantee. Easy, painless and cost-effective.

If you’re one of those who needs help with recommendations (as is the case with the majority of our customers), we’ll take all the time you need to make sure you’re comfortable with our offerings and you understand completely what you’re doing (again, no real rocket science here.) As you can see from our web site we have hundreds upon hundreds of listings from all over the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. So we don’t have anything in particular we’re “pushing”. And if we think you’re best off with something that we don’t have in our inventory, we’ll get it for you! And again, it won’t cost you a penny more than if you’d taken hours upon hours to find it yourself.

So what do you have to lose? Why beat your head against the wall trying to remember which time shares you’re interested in only to get so overwhelmed you give up? Timeshares are fun! Let us do the work for you and you just enjoy your timeshare. Call or email us anytime with any question you have. We’ll make it easy for you!

Tom Tubbs, Broker, R.N. G. Tom Tubbs
Island Consulting Realty
Senior Licensed Real Estate Specialist
Board Member: Florida Timeshare Owners Group
800-809-6020 or 941-922-3808 www.TimeSharesToGo.com

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